A downloadable game for Windows

Moments Machines pits you as RoBoB, a small, blue one wheel robot in a post apocalyptic world, ruled by robots & fueled by death.

RoBoB just wants to sit down and watch the sunset, but is confronted with hostile robots on the way. He must blast, control time and jump his way through the levels to reach the last sunset he may ever see.

Moments Machine's Mechanics

  • When you shoot in game, time slows down itself, allowing for RoBoB to breach and clear rooms without a scratch.
  • Slowing down time interacts with other things, such as increasing the enemies fire rate to not make it a walk in the park & extending RoBoB's special rocket fuse so it doesn't blow up so soon. Doing this encourages players to go into slow motion & give time to think before making the next move.
  • And many more!!! (not that many...)

    Oh, by the way, i made this solo!
    Made with:
    Game Maker: Studio
    LMMS 1.3

Install instructions

You will have to install a installer which will install the game. Simple enough :)


MomentMachines.exe 49 MB


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Cute Robots ♥

Everything says the fact that your game is 30mb and mine is not even 10 . . .